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Not another love story (in english)

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Jeg skrev den til en engelsk-opgave - derfor er den på engelsk. Jeg håber det ikke gør noget.
It was first day after the summer holiday. Larren had been to Spain, so he was quite sun-browned. The sky was blue and the school was full of life. The bell rang and Larren went to the class room. When he got in, the first he saw was Dave. Dave had brown hair and sea blue eyes. They were looking at him. Larren quickly looked away, to make sure he didn’t get eye contact. Larren couldn’t really point a finger on what he felt for Dave. Maybe love?
After class, Larren went home. When he was walking Dave showed up. Dave was alone. Larren looked around to check if there were any of Dave’s homophobic friends around, but there wasn’t. What does he want? Why is he alone?, Larren asked himself. “Larren!”, Dave shouted. Larren stopped. Dave walked over to him. “Hi”, Larren said, and looked on Dave. Dave answered: “Hi. There’s something I need to tell you”. “What?”, answered Larren. Dave waited, but the said “I’m in love with you, Larren”
The time stopped for a second. Is this a dream?, Larren thought. It just couldn’t be real. Larren’s crush was in love with him? Larren didn’t know what to do, so he just took Dave’s hand, and kissed him. “I love you too” Larren said. “But don’t tell my friends. This needs to be a secret” Dave said. Larren just said yes. He didn’t even care, as long as he had Dave. That was the start of a secret relationship between Larren and Dave.
6 months later…
Larren woke up with a felling, that something was wrong. He pushed it away quickly, and ate breakfast. When he walked to school, it started raining, so he unfolded his umbrella. He could hear the bell ringing, so he rushed to the school. He was one minute late, but the teacher didn’t notice. The math teacher started talking, and everybody was quiet. The door opened and everybody looked on the girl Kate, who stepped inside. “Sorry I’m late. The bus wasn’t on time - again.” Larren noticed something special about Kate. She wasn’t like other girls. Maybe she was lesbian?
The bell rang, and Dave leaved a message on a piece of paper on Larren’s desk. It said:
Friends are suspicious. Me and Kate is going in a relationship.
She is lesb btw.
Larren ripped the paper into small pieces of paper and putted it in the bin. He didn’t really know what to say, so he just blinked and forced himself to smile to Dave.
4 weeks later…
The fake relationship between Dave and Kate lasted a long time, and now Larren couldn’t stand the jealousy. Larren knew, that if he told the truth, nobody would believe him, so he wrote this to Dave:
Dear Dave. I can’t stand every time you kiss her, therefore I give you a choice:
1: Break up with Kate and come out to everybody
2: Break up with me and I will never talk to you again
Yours sincerely, Larren
Larren pressed the send button.